Broadway Alamo Heights Streetscape San Antonio, Texas

The streetscape design for Broadway in Alamo Heights introduces new elements that transform the corridor into a “complete street” with a robust palette of landscape, hardscape, street trees, wayfinding, pedestrian lighting and street furniture that express the unique identity of Alamo Heights. Reworking the right-of-way puts Broadway on a “road diet” with fewer vehicular lanes and reduced on-street parking in favor of widening the sidewalk zone to create community gathering spaces at restaurants and cafes and to promote walkability in the neighborhood. The revised street section includes bike lanes running north/south which align with the planned improvements to the Broadway corridor further south through downtown San Antonio and enhances the city’s micro-mobility network. The design features innovative green stormwater infrastructure such as rain gardens in the right-of-way and sidewalk zones to allow the cross section of the street to perform as a first-flush filter of stormwater which will improve the quality of water that is conveyed to the San Antonio River downstream.


In association with TBG Partners.


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