Nanjing Airport River Environmental Planning South New Town, Nanjing, China

Growth Pressure
In the heart of China’s old capital, rapid urban development and pressure from population growth in excess of 10 million citizens had hemmed in the city’s original army airbase. Deciding to relocate the base, the city was challenged to find a solution that reconnected 8km2 of open land back into the city’s infrastructure and road/rail network.
Ancient Waterways Spur New Opportunities
The city’s ancient canal was fed from the QinHuai River and would prove to be the catalyst for reconnecting the surrounding communities to the “New City South.” Working with local architects and engineers, Overland led the vision and design of the 7Km canal renovation and expansion. Through a series of “Water Streets” that celebrated the history and culture of the region’s waterways, Overland created perpendicular connection points to the main canal which in turn created civic nodes at each intersection.
Walkability, Wellness & Water Conservation
Water quality and natural elements are priorities in the activation of the linear park along the canal. Creating experiences for citizens and businesses in close proximity to the water and providing a variety of amenities in connection with the river walk continues to inspire a variety of landscapes and building programs.
The project began construction in 2017 and is scheduled for completion in 2021.