Downtown Lubbock Master Plan Lubbock, Texas | 860 Acres

The Downtown Lubbock Master Plan Update is a framework for the revitalization of the central business district. With the objective of getting the city “development ready”, the Master Plan focuses on catalyzing transformation through investing in the public realm, upgrading utilities and infrastructure to support ongoing development, and formalizing a strategy for shared parking that unlocks development potential for housing growth and other uses to energize the city.

The Vision is to reposition Downtown as the urban center of Lubbock with Broadway reawakened as a dynamic streetscape that links Downtown to Texas Tech University and the Canyon Lakes recreation area.

The focus of investment is targeted to the key zones of Broadway, Arts, and the Depot Districts; linking these centers of gravity to one another by reviving existing cultural assets and building upon the energy of emerging catalysts. A central component to the framework is a new civic park to bring more people to Downtown – creating a central gathering space at the heart of the city.

Best practices in low impact development strategies are leveraged in the public realm including the mitigation of stormwater in the right-of-way of major street corridors such as Avenue Q and into the civic park design.

In association with TBG, WGI, GHTB, Seventh Generation, and Landwise


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