Mission Statement

Unlocking the Embedded PotentialTM by modeling how we should live and influencing the world through our practice of architecture.

At Overland Partners, we believe in the transformative power of design. This conviction shapes our culture, guiding us to work with courage, passion, and a deep sense of responsibility to create places that care for the Earth and promote human flourishing.

Our core values form the bedrock of our firm, embodying the principles we strive to uphold in every project, every interaction, and every decision we make.  Aligned to the five give pillars of Overland’s Human Handprint™ methodology, our values inform how we show up for each other, our clients and a complex, ever-changing world. They inspire us to create spaces that not only exist within our communities but also positively shape them, pushing the boundaries of what architecture can achieve.

Our Core Values

Lead Courageously | Aspiration
  • We lead speaking the truth with humility and respect.
  • We proactively face all challenges, pursuing the most positive outcome.
  • We do the right thing. Always. We own our mistakes and take accountability for resolving them.
  • We regularly give timely and actionable feedback with care and candor.
  • We innovate boldly, seeking opportunities to find creative solutions and apply lessons learned.
Empower Transformation | Inspiration
  • We provoke creative thinking to unlock embedded potential.
  • We assume and encourage the best in others to drive positive change.
  • We communicate our vision, inspiring one another to grow.
  • We engage and motivate one another to foster excellence.
Cultivate Community | Relationship
  • We nurture collaboration and encourage and acknowledge each other’s success.
  • We respect and include others, embracing diverse perspectives and lived experiences. We value people before projects.
  • We put others ahead of ourselves and listen generously.
  • We keep short accounts to maintain healthy and lasting relationships.
  • We take accountability for our actions. We seek solutions and do not blame others.
Commit to Care | Stewardship
  • We wisely steward all that is under our care – relationships, creation, ideas, time and money.
  • We use data, along with our judgement, to drive informed decisions.
  • We demonstrate our commitment to a sustainable, just and resilient future through our designs and practices.
  • We care for ourselves and others, encouraging personal and professional well-being.
  • We stand by our commitments, communicating when they cannot be met.
Joy in the Journey | Well-Being
  • We foster an environment of mutual respect and trust.
  • We celebrate and reward our successes and those of others.
  • We support and encourage one another in our journey together.
  • We generously extend grace and express gratitude with ourselves and others.

Designing for Measurable Human Transformation

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

For Overland, design has always been about more than just a place or building. We know good design doesn’t happen by accident. It is intentional. Overland pioneered The Human Handprint to go beyond measuring design performance and positive impact for our planet. It is a human-centered design methodology we apply to all projects to guide and measure holistic sustainability and positive human impact. Listen to Rick Archer, Overland’s CEO, discussing Overland’s commitment and approach to design through the Human Handprint™ at the Texan by Nature 2021 Conservation Summit and at the 2020 Center for Health & Nature Virtual Symposium

Overland is committed to inclusive, just design that empowers human flourishing. Our trauma-informed design work for projects including The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center (Dallas), Haven for Hope Transformational Campus (San Antonio), and ChildSafe (San Antonio) are specific examples of Overland’s work that address cultural, historical and gender issues. They serve a diverse spectrum of people and were designed to create transformational places that are safe, secure, transparent, welcoming, supportive and healing. At Haven for Hope, we designed a gender-neutral section and a series of courtyards to address needs related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).


JUST 2.0

Overland is presently engaged as a participant in the International Living Future Institute’s JUST program, which serves as a voluntary disclosure tool for organizations. JUST is a third-party certification program through the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) which requires organizations disclose information on their organization surrounding: Diversity & Inclusion, Employee Health, Equity, Stewardship, Employee Health, and Purchasing & Supply Chain. JUST serves as a transparency platform for organizations to disclose how they address their operations, employees, and how they make financial and community investments.

Read our official announcement here at our blog.