Unlocking the Embedded Potential™

Founded in 1987, Overland Partners is a creative, international community of problem-solvers. We create human-centered architecture, master planning and urban design in places of natural significance around the globe. Through a rigorous, collaborative process, we bring our clients’ wisdom to center stage, Unlocking the Embedded Potential™ of their vision to create places that care for the earth, promote well-being and lead to measurable human transformation.

Sensitive to environmental and aesthetic contexts, we integrate technology, materials, art, and craft to make well-loved places that bring people together.

An Architect Top 50 Firm and Texas Society of Architects Firm of the Year, Overland has received more than 200 international and national design awards and has been widely published at home and abroad.

Physical Transformations that Lead to Human Ones

To actuate our promise of Unlocking the Embedded Potential in the people, places, projects and communities we serve around the world, Overland pioneered The Human Handprint™.  Tailored to each project and organized by five impact categories, The Human Handprint is our guide for intentional design that prioritizes the quantitative and qualitative aspects of human experience and environment.

Watch our Human Handprint™ video below to learn more about how we integrate and measure the positive human impact of our work.

Sustainability – A Holistic Approach to Regenerative Design & Restorative Environments

We aspire to go beyond our AIA 2030 commitment, pushing the boundaries of systems thinking and high-performing design to realize a carbon neutral future that cares for the Earth, strengthens diverse communities and promotes the well-being of all we serve.

Learn more about Overland’s sustainability leadership, innovation and initiatives here.







Community Engagement: Shaping Places Together

At Overland Partners, we believe the best solutions are born out of collaboration and understanding. That is why we place great importance on engaging with the communities we serve. From the initial planning stages to the completion of a project, we bring our client’s wisdom to center stage and actively seek input from local communities to create well-loved places reflective of each client’s unique mission, vision and values.

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