Moondance Farms Templeton, California | 10,600 SF

The residence on Moondance Farms will offer the owners opportunity to fully live into their talents for enriching the lives of family, friends, and all they encounter. The home and landscape will respond thoughtfully to the local environment and its unique character, providing a place for the couple to grow old together in God’s creation without harming it. The residence will be a sanctuary for the soul as it blurs the lines between the indoor and outdoor. The home brings people together, with rooms that are united by great communal space. Intuitive circulation and layout help people to feel connected internally, and creates a sense of connection to the surrounding landscape.

The design respects the land it sits on, and outdoor spaces and paths make a big impact with minimal intervention. The Moondance Farms site is located at the southern edge of the Paso Robles wine country, making it a great front porch to the landscape characterized by rolling hills and vineyards.