House of Earth & Light Driftwood, Texas

Perched atop a hill overlooking the fairways of the Driftwood Golf & Ranch Club, this new home will represent the values and personalities of the family as they are beginning the next chapter of their lives in Texas. The home will be adaptable to large events, be they family gatherings or entertaining neighbors and friends in their role as Ambassadors of Driftwood. It will also serve as a backdrop to enrich the smaller, intimate day-today moments of the family’s lives.

The building and landscape architecture will be contemporary and clean in character, while being elegant and tastefully luxurious as well. The design of the home will be informed by its place in the world and the land on which it sits. It will be nourished by the sun and rain that falls on its rooftops through solar panels and rainwater collection. It will serve as a model of stewardship and sophisticated, purposeful living for other families and future residents of the Driftwood community