Aztec Theatre Boutique Hotel and Rooftop Bar San Antonio, Texas

The Aztec Theatre is a stunning example of Meso-American architecture, standing tall in the heart of downtown San Antonio. This historic gem, built in 1926, has been designated as a National Register of Historic Places site. The Aztec Theatre is a true masterpiece of design, featuring breathtaking columns, reliefs, and artifacts that transport visitors back in time to a different era.

Overland, in collaboration with the theater owners, has breathed new life into this remarkable structure, using the top four floors of previously unused office space to create a cozy boutique hotel. With 77 rooms, this intimate hotel offers a truly unique San Antonio experience. Guests are welcomed into a stunning rooftop lobby, where they can admire views of the San Antonio River Walk while enjoying a delicious meal or refreshing drink at the hotel’s restaurant and bar.

The hotel also features an outdoor special event space that can accommodate up to 120 guests, and which connects directly to the mezzanine level of the theater. This event space offers a perfect blend of modern amenities and historic charm, giving guests a taste of San Antonio’s rich cultural heritage.

Overland’s design for the Aztec Theatre’s renovation was guided by a deep respect for the building’s history and architectural significance. The additions and modifications made to the structure have been seamlessly integrated, enhancing the theater’s original beauty and vitality. Today, the Aztec Theatre stands as a shining example of how the past can be celebrated while moving forward into a vibrant future.