Solage Veneros Resort Punta Mita, Mexico  | Solage Veneros Resort   |   Punta Mita, Mexico   |   92,000 GSF

Punta Mita, Mexico, is growing in popularity among high-end travelers across North America. Just a few miles away from the international hubs, full of condominiums and resorts, the Solage family of hotels wanted to bring new amenities to Veneros Beach, where families from Guadalajara and nearby Mexican cities choose to make their holiday. Their concept matched perfectly with the needs of Veneros Beach, and Overland was brought on to create a design that balances intimate with communal spaces. The resulting design creates an accessible, social atmosphere with all of the amenities and beauty of the world’s leading hotels.

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Among the young people and families of Guadalajara, Punta Mita’s resort atmosphere lacked the nightlife and social energy they looked for in a getaway. While some owned condos at Veneros Beach, most agreed that the area needed a breath of fresh air. Visitors from the US and Canada might flock to Punta Mita to lounge on the beach, but the Mexican families, those with the most frequent access to the beaches, wanted something a little more.
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The Solage brand is all about “approachable luxury.” Rather than shrouding guests in a cocoon of personal services and staff, they create an accessible, social atmosphere.The key to creating a social space on the property would be in the site planning. Overland used the buildings themselves to shape and guide the energy of the resort. The area was already semideveloped with condominiums and accompanying structures, and so Solage would share beach access with permanent owners. Sitting on one of the region’s rare stretches of sandy beaches without a layer of rocks to impede enjoyment, the client wanted to emphasize this opportunity for extended recreational togetherness.

Using angled buildings and low palapa roofs, Overland created a natural partition so that Solage’s prime social space, the beach, would not infringe on the neighbor’s more low-key atmosphere. The resulting space blends activity and relaxation in a way that invites guests to hang out all day and into the evening.

Veneros Resort Restaurant Approach Sketch
Veneros Resort Beach View Sketch
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The rest of the resort is dedicated to creating the energetic, hip atmosphere guests crave. It accommodates big groups and social circulation, making it a place to see and be seen. At the same time, Overland worked with the client to expand the brand through innovative, luxurious rooms. On the steep, jungled hillside, the team developed “treehouse” rooms that play into the vertical site. All of the rooms protect the privacy of their neighbors and utilize outdoor elements to extend private living areas and increase the experienced size of each room. Local craftsmen have mastered the art of concrete, so Overland reduced decoration and instead worked with the craftsmen to create shapes that would maximize light and flow, moving guests through the property. The end result is a resort infused with youthful energy that doesn’t overwhelm local families, breathing new life into the beach community.