McIntyre Residence Dallas, Texas | McIntyre Residence   |   Dallas, Texas   |   14,500 SF

A private home that is an oasis for both indoor and outdoor entertaining, the McIntyre Residence was designed with a keen respect for nature. Natural creeks and existing trees are carefully considered in the building’s design and placement within the landscape, with interior details influenced by the architectural style of the Kimbell Art Museum of Fort Worth, Texas.

The Best Of Both Worlds

With a love of nature and entertaining, as well as a passion for antiques and art, the McIntryes wanted a home that offered the best of all worlds—a space for entertaining that preserves and connects to the landscape.

From the very beginning, the McIntyres knew what they wanted, and as Overland Principal in Charge Tim Blonkvist recalls, “They were very excited and participated fully in the process.”  Foremost, they wanted to preserve the outdoor landscape as much as possible. They also desired an interior setting that would nicely complement their collection of art and antique furniture, even going so far as to purchase an antique fireplace and other historical relics to be incorporated into the structure. Overland’s challenge was to bring this vision to life, seamlessly uniting indoor and outdoor spaces into a cohesive whole.

A Place To Be Experienced

The overall layout of the McIntyre Residence is naturally divided sequentially into three zones:  a welcoming entrance, a living area with two courtyards, and a garden retreat.

To accommodate the existing creeks, Overland designed three bridges and varied them according to function.  At the front of the house, a simple wooden bridge provides an elegant approach to the building, while a suspended bridge at the rear offers a playful and adventurous pathway to an informal garden.  The third serves as an outdoor patio and extension of the home itself. With the floorplan built around existing trees, rooms are positioned to capture sounds from the creeks and to provide optimal viewing through large windows that look out on the landscape.

In order to harmonize with the McIntyre’s art and antiques collection, a subdued palette was chosen for interior colors, with subtle shifts between stone, steel, and softly textured walls.  Crowning the second floor spaces are concrete barrel vaults modeled after those at the Kimbell Art Museum—admired by the clients for its quality of light and atmosphere. When entertaining their many guests, the McIntyres can now offer an elegant and serene environment to be experienced both indoors and out.