The Leaning Pear Wimberley, Texas  | The Leaning Pear   |   Wimberley, Texas   |   4,600 SF

The new state-of-the-art facilities for the Leaning Pear restaurant expand the farm-to-table offerings of the well-loved Texas Hill Country restaurant while preserving its inviting atmosphere and sense of community.

Setting The Table

At the heart of Rachel and Matthew Buchanan’s food philosophy is the idea of a shared table, and the couple wanted to capture the warmth and openness of the Texas Hill Country in the spirit of their restaurant, the Leaning Pear. The Leaning Pear’s location in a historic home in Wimberley, Texas, was part of the restaurant’s magic.

However, the tight quarters and limited kitchen placed constraints on the innovation Matthew could bring to his fresh, local, sustainable cuisine. In order to grow, they would need a larger space with a state-of-the-art kitchen and ample space for their future vision.

But the challenge would be how to preserve the sense of community and sharing as the space grew larger. And so Overland was asked to design a space that would expand the capacity and vision for their restaurant while preserving the community.

Dream Your Dream

Set along the Blanco River, it was clear that the natural beauty of the site would create the most appealing atmosphere and contribute to the organic spirit of both the cuisine and the Buchanans’ particular brand of hospitality. The experience begins upon arrival to the “parking garden” and grows organically from there.

To keep from interrupting the landscape, the restaurant is designed as a series of terraces, each with a unique blend of indoor and outdoor spaces that lend flexibility. The lowest terrace closest to the river is tucked inconspicuously among the trees. This is where late-night guests are encouraged to relax and let the evening unwind around them, with a simple bar service nearby.

The historical home where the Leaning Pear got its start is still on the property, now serving as a store for the food stuffs produced by Matthew, Rachel, and their team. The space allows the restaurant to grow much of its own food, and the owners have found a careful balance of on-site growing while still supporting local farmers.

Clients currently drive from Austin and San Antonio up to ninety minutes to the Leaning Pear, making it a true destination. With the two commercial grade kitchens, and room to grow, the Buchanans envision a resort and day spa as the next phase of their creative endeavors.