Xiuyin Hu

Xiuyin, originally from Guangdong, China, earned her Bachelor of Architecture degree from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art in 2016. She pursued her master’s in architecture at Texas Tech University, graduating in 2019. Living and studying abroad enriched her perspective, exposing her to diverse cultures. At Texas Tech, she served as a graduate assistant and interned under Professor Rafael Beneytez Duran, a Spanish Registered Architect. This experience ignited her passion for residential design and collaborative work. Xiuyin expresses herself through various art forms, including oil painting, ceramics, and Chinese calligraphy. She began watercolor painting while traveling in the West. Her project, “The Last Landscape,” was featured in Texas Architect magazine in June 2019. Seeking a practice that fosters teamwork and creativity, Xiuyin aims to continue innovating in residential design.