Tristan Andrews, RA, LFA, LEED GA

Tristan is intrigued with the research and understanding of the unique complexities surrounding each project. In each of his projects he endeavors to find the sweet spot that balances complexities to satisfy a client, enrich a community, and respect the natural environment.

From his quiet upbringing in the woods of northern Minnesota, Tristan moved to Chicago to pursue his interest in architecture at Judson University. In his undergraduate and graduate studies Tristan held multiple work/study positions, roles in student leadership and two fellowships, one of which allowed him to tour Europe and one that focused on digital fabrication techniques. He graduated from Judson University with his Master of Architecture degree in the spring of 2019 after receiving several awards and leaving his mark on Judson University with multiple campus design-build projects and exhibited works.

Tristan is a supporter of the cycling community and is excited to be in San Antonio where he can ride all year long.

Judson University
Master of Architecture, 2019

Individualization | Arranger | Restorative | Achiever | Command