Steven Bellanger, RA

A master carpenter, Steve enjoys hands-on work both at home and in the studio. He brings a unique perspective and knowledge of how a building should or could be assembled. At Overland, he finds joy in the juxtaposition of materials and the potential tectonics within a design.

In the studio, he pushes the boundary of BIM’s capabilities while educating his coworkers of new standards, resulting in increased production efficiency. Currently, he’s a member of both the Technology and WorkShop committees. Invaluable to the Overland CANstruction team for his engineering solutions and ideas, Steve looks forward to each year’s competition that brings awareness of hunger to the community.

Steve also strives to continue in his pilgrimage of faith, a journey that has revealed many amazing people and cherished opportunities along the way.

Steve graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette summa cum laude.

University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Master of Architecture, 2006

Achiever / Includer / Strategic / Belief / Learner