Cheryl Karalla

In 1984, responding to a blind job listing at a “Professional Sports Team,” Cheryl started a long and very storied career in the front office of the Dallas Mavericks, including thirty years in the office of the CEO, where she served under three owners and four CEOs. She also served on the Board of the Dallas Mavericks Foundation.

When she’s not showing off her NBA championship ring, Cheryl enjoys spending time with her children, including her son Bobby, who continues the family tradition of working with the Mavericks, and her daughter Lisa.

Cheryl serves as “Chief of Staff” for Overland’s Dallas office, overseeing the operational and administrative duties in the Dallas office of Overland Partners.

Cheryl grew up in Detroit, Michigan, and has lived in Dallas since the early 80s. Her most favorite times are any time spent with her children and family.