Mayland Lake Master Plan Guangzhou, China | Mayland Lake Master Plan   |   Guangzhou, China   |   1,600 Acres

The master plan for the redevelopment of Mayland Lake, a reserve comprising roughly 1,600 acres of rolling hills and woodlands surrounding a large lake, calls for the vitalization of a sleepy pastoral area located less than one hour from Guangzhou, China. The plan developed by Overland is an environmentally sustainable model that is already bringing an active community life to a region that was previously underutilized and largely uninhabited.

Renewed, Restored
Overland was enlisted to create a master plan that would attract a permanent community as well as visitors to the area.  The firm’s approach was to provide a plan that would be highly sustainable, and which would offer a rich and active lifestyle for people of all ages and backgrounds. The design team approached the problem by first asking, “How do we diversify the site to remake the community?” To begin, it was necessary to study the complexities of the Chinese market and patterns of daily life and space usage, which differ greatly from customs in the United States. Additionally, environmental conditions, such as how to control stormwater runoff, were taken into consideration.
Creating A Sense Of Place

After studying various precedents from all over the world in consultation with their client, Overland proposed an interconnecting green space strategy, such that the existing landscape is transformed into a pastoral network that encompasses and links together all the places for human activity. There activity zones were connected by river walk designs inspired by the San Antonio Riverwalk.

Specifically, the plan calls for a school, numerous mixed-use spaces, additional housing, life along the harbor front, and a resort hotel featuring four hundred guest rooms, spa, club, restaurants, galleries, and conference facilities—all of which can be accessed via bicycles, buses, or electric vehicles. An arboretum featuring ancient trees of the region and a large organic farm operation enhance the breathtaking quality of the natural environment further. The resort complex occupies a hill towards the center of the property with views over the premier golf course, hike-and-bike trails, and lake.

Today, the plan is being implemented with many of its goals already realized and thousands having moved in. The resort is enjoying a thriving business, and community life abounds.