O’Neil Ford Mexican Modern Hacienda San Antonio, Texas | 9.400 SF

The O’Neil Ford Mexican Modern Hacienda is a residential home renovation nestled in the Terrell Hills suburb of San Antonio. In the 1960’s, the owner of the home commissioned O’Neil Ford, a renowned American architect of the mid-20th century, to design a home inspired by traditional Mexican architecture.
The owners of the home are committed to retaining the original design of the house while also maintaining its unique elements. Some of the distinct Mexican features include: seven brick domes encompassing the main rib of the house, several interior courtyards that provide intimate spaces for outdoor living. Materials used to build the home were imported from Mexico, and a santos tree.
Considered by some to be Ford’s best residence, Overland is working diligently with the owner to preserve and restore the iconic home, while staying true to Ford’s original vision.