Allison Hu, LEED AP

Allison builds analytical depth into Overland Partners’ creative process.  Her technical grounding in ethnography and hydrology works to unearth unique relationships between people and their cities. She envisions solutions emboldened by these active connections. Her perspective is informed by years of international design-build. Practicing in Texas, Oregon, and New York, her design work spans community and parliamentary centers, public spaces, and houses.

Bridging architecture, urban design, and geography, Allison is a graduate of UT-Austin and MIT. She writes, lectures, and has taught an advanced studio on participatory urban design procedures in rapidly urbanizing areas. Her work has won excellence in design awards from UT-Austin, AIA Fort Worth, and the Urban Land Institute, as well as been featured in publications by MIT, Taschen, and Penn Press. In the past, Allison designed websites and books for creatives and nonprofits.

Allison recharges by working with clay, designing musical instruments, and getting lost in the city.

Achiever / Learner / Connectedness / Responsibility / Futuristic