Children’s Hospital of San Antonio Gardens San Antonio, Texas | 1.65 Acres

As part of the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio’s multi-year renovation and modernization plan to transform into a world-class pediatric hospital caring for children that suffer from the most life-threatening ailments, these new gardens and outdoor spaces are designed to promote healing and enhance emotional and physical well-being.
The Play Garden is designed especially for young children. With grass and plantings to attract birds and butterflies, the lawn welcomes lively play and exploration. The small open space is surrounded by deciduous Mexican Sycamore trees, providing shade from the harsh Texas sun in the summer, yet allow warming rays to shine through in the winter. The Prayer Garden pays homage to the Catholic roots of The Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, the non-profit organization that operates the hospital, and offers a peaceful setting for prayer and meditation. Near the new main entrance on San Saba Street is the Culinary Garden, where irrigated planters overflow with herbs and fresh vegetables. Tucked away in the back of the garden is a covered pavilion used for special events and gatherings.
The only garden not accessible to the public is the Memorial Garden. During a full-scale renovation of the hospital in 2014, burial grounds of early settlers and indigenous people were discovered. To honor the requests of the descendant groups to leave the remains undisturbed, the hospital created this special garden, which is a long, rectangular stretch of land blanketed with prairie grass, wildflowers, and Sycamore trees.