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In their quest for Tier One status, Baylor University places heavy importance on the impact of the learning environment. They know that top status is only possible with top talent on board, and top talent flourishes in livable, energized, and humane environs It is with that intent that Baylor looked to Overland to breathe new life into the historical campus through the development of a new master plan.

Destination: Community

When deciding where to live, whether for four years of college or a tenured career, community is a top priority. Compensation packages, scholarships, and academic prestige might bring a candidate to the threshold of commitment, but a campus visit can be the tipping point when finalizing the decision on which university ot attend. When students and faculty witness an interesting and welcoming network of live, work, and play, they know they could belong.

The appeal extends beyond the campus boundary as well. A nationally ranked Tier One university can fortify local culture in endless ripples of economic, recreational, and creative activity. Universities that function well internally and interface well with the surrounding city will generate attractive and compelling community, a major factor in winning and retaining students and faculty.

Facilitating growth
Baylor’s academics and athletics have enjoyed new heights of success in recent years. Ever prepared to adapt and evolve, the university enlisted Overland to help them rethink their master plan to continue to virtuous growth cycle. They wanted people and environment to continue working together to boost Baylor to the highest tiers of academia, all the while preserving the identity that made them great in the first place. In addition to meeting the needs of those programs that were already performing well, they wanted to make effective investments in the areas of targeted growth: student housing, sciences, and the arts.
Making the most of every square foot
Overland approached the design as a network of outdoor spaces, quads, and malls, connecting the new buildings in meaningful and usable ways. Student flows across the campus bring the lifeblood of energy to the heritage and tradition of Baylor. Open-plan spaces allow students to connect with each other and with faculty to foster innovation and ideas that will propel Baylor into the future. Each element of the campus plays a role in the organism, and Overland wanted every square inch to embody Baylor’s mission and vision. By restoring the city grid through the campus, the campus environment can spill into Waco. As the campus gains momentum, they will act as a catalyst for the entire city, a resource for progress, problem solving, and economic growth.