Samantha Whitney Schwarze, AIA

Sam‘s passion for research combined with her obsession for patterns, and interest in figuring out how materials and textures translate at different scales, makes her a valuable asset to her Overland team. She has made a significant contribution to Overland’s urban design efforts in China. She is currently engaged in strategizing a vision for the revitalization of a neglected, 2km stretch of the Xiao Quinhuai River in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province. With sensitivity to the local culture and traditions, the project brings out her passion by striking a balance between salvaging the old urban fabric while exploring the potential for new interventions of urban development.

Sam received a Master of Architecture with a specialization in Urban Design from the University of Texas at Austin. Her graduate research focusing on the recent urban growth of two Moroccan cities, Casablanca and Tangier, was awarded the distinction of Outstanding Masters Design Study.

Achiever / Learner / Input / Intellection / Responsibility