Jakob Hyde

Jakob strives to make architecture approachable, where beautiful design and usability converge. Doing so is no small task, and Jakob finds that working in teams that can offer a multitude of perspectives on design is the best way to create impact through architecture. Simply put: a building should be so much more than a product.

Boston born and raised, Jakob graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology Cum Laude, and went on to obtain his Master of Architecture there. Through both programs, Jakob developed a passion for intimacy and connectivity through design. He enjoys problem solving, and brings creativity to any task that comes his way.

Jakob has been known to be a movie-buff, a writer, a traveler, a coffee lover, and a French fry connoisseur. Referred to in passing as a SIEP (a person with a Spoon-In-Every-Pot), he believes in living a robust life beyond your comfort zone, and seeks to never stop learning.

Communication | Individualization | Futuristic | Strategic | Developer