Carol Yauger

Carol’s position as Administrative Assistant and Event Planner for Overland utilizes the many skills that she has developed from her background that spans from real estate and education to planning and organizing large events. Her ability to see beyond the immediate into the realm of possibility is a quality that she shares with Overland’s architectural spirit filling a void that complements our mission.

Assisting with day to day aspects and helping others is core to Carol’s personality and has been demonstrated through the years as a reading tutor for special needs children as well as volunteering with various non-profit organizations. Her desire to see others achieve success is at the heart of who she is and drives her compassionate nature.

When not fulfilling her duties as Event Planner, Carol is spending time primarily with her family and friends. She attempts to organically garden, has a keen interest in health and fitness, and enjoys reading, hiking, and mostly just loves life!

Responsibility | Consistency | Discipline | Achiever | Belief