Cameron Patterson, LEED AP BD+C

Cameron strives for the betterment of the world through design. Alongside driven clients and fellow devoted designers, he endeavors to be a small part of the march towards a sustainable, intelligent, and beautiful future. In the spring of 2017, he graduated from Oklahoma State University summa cum laude and quickly made his way to San Antonio to start kicking butt. His years in school allowed him to make lifelong friends, earn multiple awards, build crazy things like experimental affordable housing and a pop-up store, and spend a summer living in Europe.

As soon as he could properly wield a screwdriver, Cameron helped his father in all sorts of handyman duties and experimentations. Since then, he is consistently looking for new ways to keep his hands busy while playing with materials and design. He views the world through ideas and possibilities and uses sketching and graphics to illustrate them.

Cameron plays drums, escapes to the outdoors, explores the built environment, and frequents diners. He believes there’s a profound simplicity and subsequent magic found only in diner coffee.

Ideation / Strategic / Activator / Achiever / Futuristic