Brody Cornwell, LEED AP BD+C

For Brody, there are two things that give him purpose: being a positive influence in the lives of others and working with his hands. He has found that the world of design is where he gets to do both. What started at an early age with tree forts and sand castles, became furniture and musical instruments, sculpture and architecture. In whatever medium it calls for, he loves getting his hands on his work, and is motivated by the idea that what he makes has the potential to inspire those who experience it.

As an Architectural Designer at Overland, Brody sees his position as a platform to impact people’s lives with inspiring spaces. He loves working with others who have a vision and is fascinated and challenged by the process of bringing that idea into a physical reality.

Outside of the office, Brody enjoys woodworking, photography and basically every outdoor activity. While he thrives in a productive, high-intensity lifestyle most of the time, Brody finds great pleasure in stepping out of the race of life, to the all-to-unfamiliar pace of the natural world. Some of his most cherished time is spent hiking, biking, climbing or simply having a think, in the wilderness.

Achiever | Learner | Relator | Self Assurance | Adaptability