Becky Rathburn

Keeping up with the pulse of the office, Becky’s compassionate spirit has become one of the defining attributes of the firm. Her detail-oriented business approach provides the foundation for Overland’s client relations and administrative support, allowing the architecture team to focus on more creative aspects of the work.

As a member of Overland nearly from its inception, Becky has done everything over the years from cutting and pasting spec books to serving as principal, a position she’s held for over fifteen years. With a background in administration, Becky brings a complementary, balanced outlook to the partnership that is critical to the functioning of the firm. She is responsible for all daily administrative, personnel, and financial operations of the firm, as well as for all accounting functions, including invoicing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, financials, and payroll.

In her role as partner, she hopes her presence and leadership provides encouragement to other women in the industry – both architects and nonarchitects alike. She urges men and women to recognize the value each brings to the table and to embrace their own unique skill sets, which together create a strength that would not otherwise be possible.

Responsibility / Arranger / Consistency / Adaptability / Harmony