Angelica Mata

As an undergraduate at The University of Texas at Austin, Angelica pursued a degree in Radio, Television and Film. She originally became interested in what she does today through her appreciation for film, and can remember distinctly the moment she fell in love with film. To this day, Angelica is captivated by the profound effect created by the various elements that comprise a film. These emotions create lasting memories that are sure to be shared amongst people. It was through her appreciation for film that she came to do what she does today. At Overland, she has aided in the process of giving the firm a bigger and broader social media presence in her role as the External Communications Coordinator.

After studying film, working in advertising and photography, and training Apple employees, Angelica found a common thread: stories are powerful. This sparked her interest and inspired her to help others share theirs. As a TEDx San Antonio speaker curator and current Programming Committee chair, Angelica understands the importance of sharing someone’s passion. It’s about the rapport created with a community, often times within seconds. Her fervent belief that rich global relationships are possible to build has inspired her to dedicate her career as an advocate for social media. Her passion has provided her opportunities to develop a keen understanding of how technology and storytelling work together to connect to audience.