Allison Peitz, AIA, LEED GA

Allison is driven by her belief that architecture’s agency is only limited by those who shape it and those who use it. Architecture provides a stage to engender certain behaviors by curating one’s experiences. A building’s potential can only be realized or catalyzed through its use. As a designer, Allison believes her responsibility is to expand and redefine boundaries and to promote innovation that extends beyond the physical embodiment of our projects.

Allison is originally from Tallahassee, Florida. Before joining us at Overland, she practiced in Chicago, New York, Boston, and London. Allison completed her Bachelor of Arts at Davidson College and her Master of Architecture degree at Harvard University.

As a designer, Allison is interested in working at a range of scales – from the tactile to the symbolic. She has conducted materials research with Harvard University’s Wyss Institute and has also studied Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design. Her work addresses buildings as both pragmatic functional solutions and as emblematic entities.
Allison is always moving. She loves running, swimming, biking, and hiking and is always up for a good cup of coffee.

Strategic / Achiever / Individualization / Futuristic / Learner