Adam Melius

Adam takes to heart the idiom that “the devil is in the detail”. He is interested in architecture as a tool for bridging the underlying disparate pieces of a social fabric. With a background in history and economics, he enjoys the conversation of how ideas are materialized and enriched by the care of a skilled architect.

Adam is originally from in the Midwest but raised in the State of Washington, he has also made stays in Italy, Greece, and Ghana. Before beginning his transition to architecture Adam earned his humanities degree from Western Washington University with a focus on High Middle Age Heresy.

Most recently, Adam worked for an award-winning residential practice in Austin where he gained valuable experience in the process of high-end design and building. Prior to moving to central Texas Adam inhabited the great white north of Michigan where he earned his Masters in Architecture from the University of Michigan. His family still lives in the Northwest where he can get his yearly taste of snow.

Adam, along with his fiancée Summer, is excited to be in San Antonio and at Overland Partners. They are looking forward to being a part of the future of both the city and the practice.

Context | Ideation | Restorative | Strategic | Self-Assurance