Abigail Cram, LEED Green Assoc.

Abigail likes to say, “Overland had me at ‘unlock imbedded potential’ when referring to what it was that drew her to Overland and San Antonio. She is the rare enthusiast of Texas heat and doesn’t miss the snowy winters of her New England upbringing a bit.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania BA, MArch, Abigail has spent the past twelve years working within architecture and design firms on education projects. Spanning elementary to higher education and both public and private schools, she has yearned to develop relationships with clients. It is within the confines of these relationships that she creates invigorating and empowering learning spaces for students, staff and faculty which exemplify the continuing changing landscape that is education. As the child of academics, she has an innate instinct for designing for education and a true passion for learning. It is only logical that she also has a passion for interiors and furniture design as in education these are critical elements to making projects truly “sing.”

Abigail has embraced the San Antonio community. She has been an active member of the PechaKucha committee, Board of UPENN Alumni SA, and the local family association of the Gladney Center for Adoption. Abigail expounds daily that there are not enough hours in the week to be involved at the multiple levels of the SA community she aspires to connect and support.
Abigail is a mother of two little boys and cherishes their family time creating shared experiences near or far. Her happy place is in camping, hiking, mountain biking or surfing waves in warm waters. When she carves out more than 5 minutes for herself, she is an avid reader, cook and sewer.

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